Generating Arduino Servo Movement Sequences using Usb 18 Servo Controller

#1> Introduction :

Generating complex movements for servos using Arduino for robots such as Humanoid, Hexapods, Bipeds and Robotic arm can be a tough task. Managing the sequences with multiple functionalities requires a lot of time and efforts.

This Arduino based 18 Servo Controller provides a perfect solutions to the above problem. You can easily generate complex sequences for upto 18 servo motors using 18 servo controller software by just moving the sliders.

Functionalities such as Variable speed, Delay in servo movements, Setting servo movement limits can be easily configured using the software.  Once the sequence is generated it can be exported to the Arduino ide making the Robots autonomous.

Below is the step wise demonstration for generating Arduino servo code using Arduino based 18 Servo Controller software.We recommend referring the datasheet for Arduino based 18 Servo Controller for how to connect the controller to the software along with detailed description of its various features.

# Step 1 :

Servo motor is connected to the S1 pin of the servo controller. Set the initial position of servo to its center before attaching it to the gripper. This step is necessary for avoiding out of bound servo movements.

# Step 2 :

Move the slider and trace the movement of the gripper’s closing. Stop the slider when the gripper closes completely. Currently the gripper closed at 2200usecs. Save the sequence by pressing add move button.

# Step 3 :

Move the slider in the alternate direction and trace the gripper’s opening. Stop the slider when the gripper opens completely. Currently the gripper opens at 500usecs. Save the sequence by pressing add move button.

# Step 4 :

Disconnect the servo controller from software for generating Arduino code. Press generate Arduino code for generating an arduino sequence to be pasted in arduino IDE.

# Step 5 :

Open Arduino IDE and select new file, Select Arduino Uno board under board menu and the requisite com port to which Arduino USB 18 servo controller is connected to. Paste the code generated from Servo controller software to the Arduino ide.  Comment the highlighted lines in the image above for running the sequence in continuous loop.

# Step 6 :

Then Click on upload button to upload the program on servo controller board.

# Step 7 :

To run the code in user mode connect the D8 pin of servo controller board to ground. The movement of gripper will be continuously change according to the generated sequence.