#1>RAN1102: Manual Controlled Robot

Rhino Robot Control Board is our most powerful, versatile and most easy to use robot control board. This tutorial series is intended for giving the idea of versatility and use of this board in many types of robots.

We also hereby assume that you have gone through Rhino Board Manual, Quick C IDE user manual and Quick C IDE library reference. Its not necessary for you to understand everything written in those documents but you should have an overview so that you can use them as reference for some part in this document.

All files required for this tutorial could be downloaded from here :  Tutorial

This tutorial covers:

  • Making a Robot with Manual Wired Remote Control

#2>Required Items:

Custom made, for testing you can use 6” one here:

* Its not necessary to use the same items, you can use any similar items. However some coding may need to be changes as per hardware if it’s different this listed above.

#2.1>Resources used for in this tutorial:

General purpose robot chassis
with 4 300 RPM motors and 4 cm width wheels

Inside view

With Keypad

We have chosen a general purpose chassis with 4 motors. A battery is mounted inside. Rhino Board is mounted on top and Battery and motor connections are made to the board. An eight switch keypad is connected to board with 1.5 meter long FRC 10 pin female-female cable.


  • Code is very simple if you have followed switch and motor driver section in our previous tutorial. If you haven’t, still it is very easy to understand. An 8 Switch keypad is connected on PORTA FRC header through a long FRC cable.

  • SW0, SW1, SW2 and SW3 relates to PIN 0, 1, 2 & 3. All these pins are set as input through PINMODE function. Next they are pulled high and then a if-else if-else statements are used to process key presses.

  • If 2 keys are pressed simultaneously preference goes to first key in order.

  • If other accessories like grippers or blowers are attached to Rhino Board more switches can be used to control extra actuators or other switches can also programmed to performed pre-programmed moves.

  • You can open 012 – Manual Robot code in sample codes folder.

  • Library used in this code : IO Notations, Motor – Motor 1 & 2 Active with PWM.