Soil Moisture Sensor with RTU MODBUS Communication


Everybody knows plants and crops are needs water for its growth. If sufficient water is not available to crops, it will dry up; also excess of water can damage the crop. The sensor will help you avoid this situation, by using it to ping an alarm when needed.

Precise indication of moisture content is obtained once the sensor is calibrated according to water holding capacity of your soil.  You can use our Dazzle Robotics Soil Sensor software to easily calibrate the sensor . What is more interesting, you can also use this sensor to measure water level. All you need to do is it calibrate the sensor according to minimum and maximum height you require to measure.


Unique Features

  • Instantaneous reading of soil moisture without any delay.
  • Accurate reading of soil moisture.
  • Water proof enclosure and can be buried at any depth.
  • Works on 5V DC power supply with a very low current consumption.
  • Multiple Soil Sensors can be connected to data logger to collect data on server.
  • Soil salinity does not affect sensor reading.
  • Thin blade does not disturb roots.
  • Measures Volumetric water content.
  • Measures Gravimetric water content.
  • Slender design for easy fitting.
  • Zero corrosion with unique design and no exposed parts.



  • Replace sprinkler rain sensors.
  • Prevent over watering of plants
  • Create the perfect conditions for compost piles.
  • Conduct scientific research
  • Protect concrete foundations by maintaining adequate soil moisture


Salt doesn’t affect the sensor data

Conductivity and resistance based sensors give erroneous results due to the salts present in the  soil. Whereas, our sensor is isolated from the salt content of the soil and so prevents the error in data due to it.

Rugged and Waterproof Structure

It’s water proof and rugged structure makes it suitable for most demanding applications. You can bury the sensor up to any depth in ground or mount it above the ground

Blades does not affect the roots

The blade of the sensor is slender, preventing any damage to the essential parts of the roots of plant.

Instantaneous reading of soil moisture

No delay in getting the output data, which enables you to take the actions immediately. Change in the moisture level immediately changes the output response. Not only that, you can check the moisture content of different soil instantaneously.


Interfacing of Sensor with our Software

We provide software to interface the senor and get the data of easily. This module will help you to create the real time system to maintain the moisture content of your soil as per your plant’s requirement.

The hardware connections are shown below:

You can download the software from the product page on our website. Install the software and set up the connection, once the sensor is connected it will even show the moisture in your hand if you are holding the blade of sensor.

Watch the videos provided links provided below for calibrating the sensor:

  1. Calibrating sensor for  soil moisture measurement
  2. Calibrating the sensor as water level measurement


Interfacing of multiple sensors with RMS

The multiple sensors can be transmitted to server connected to Dazzle Monitoring Device to transmit.Up to 10 sensors can be connected to the single monitoring device. The Dazzle Monitoring Device will be linked to the data server wirelessly by GSM module, allowing you to get the data on your computer or even a notification on your mobile. For further information refer the he module of the sensor.